Sun Life and Maxwell have partnered to design the first unified, carrier-distributed technology experience resulting in an easier, end-to-end experience for you.

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Expand revenue and retain clients

Expand revenue by increasing lines of coverage and participation in Sun Life’s voluntary benefits and providing the opportunity for you to easily offer new, value-add lifestyle and financial products to your clients.

Full-service client set-up

Included with the Sun Life + Maxwell solution, implementing your clients on technology is more hands-off: simply send us all employer-specific information and your client’s portal is built behind the scenes.

Streamlined data collection

No more back and forth between your insurance partner and your chosen technology vendor because they don’t talk to one another. With Maxwell, you get a fully digitized way to submit all employer details.  

Smoother, faster EDI/EDX set-up

You heard that right: with Sun Life and Maxwell, EDI connections are set up faster and file transmission is more reliable — because we’re one company.


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Spend more time selling, and less time training

Meet your new team. Think of Maxwell’s team as an extension of your own, focused on helping your clients successfully drive real technology adoption in their organization.

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