Maxwell Health is an intuitive technology solution that makes managing employee benefits and HR simple and effective, helping you streamline daily operations, modernize the employee experience, and empower employees to make smart decisions about benefits.

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A benefits experience that stands out from the crowd


Simplified benefits and HR

It’s important to find a way to cut down on the time-consuming tasks that plague your day-to-day. With Maxwell, you can manage and execute on your benefits strategy with less administrative headaches.


Administer benefits fast

With Maxwell’s modern interface and simple enrollment experience, employees get an easier way to manage benefits, throughout the year. And you get easy access to all employee and benefit data year-round.


Intuitive experience

Employees’ benefits enrollment experience on Maxwell is familiar and easy-to-use, similar to shopping online, and helps them select the right benefits to fit their needs. They can also access their coverage details online year-round.

Modernize your benefits offering and experience

The way employees select and shop for plans should be simpler. Maxwell’s modern interface lets you easily add lifestyle and financial benefits your employees are asking for. Present your benefit offerings to employees in a clear, holistic way so they can connect the dots on how those coverages will actually affect their lives.

Empower employees to make smart benefits decisions

With an overwhelming amount of information available on different benefit offerings, it can be hard for employees to navigate and make the right choices. Maxwell’s intuitive enrollment experience helps employees better understand the benefits being offered thanks to built-in decision support, like side-by-side plan comparisons.

Automate benefits and HR tasks

You need all the extra time you can get. Maxwell helps make the new-hire benefit enrollment process simple, by guiding them through enrollment, all online, taking you totally paperless.

Maxwell Healths data integrations with major insurance carriers

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