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Julia Bourque Muse
Creative Director

Julia was almost held back in preschool for coloring in all of her non-coloring books, and so began her journey toward a creative career. Originally from a small town in California, she moved across the country to study something totally unrelated to her career at Tufts and Columbia University.

As an experienced digital designer with roots in traditional art media, Julia wears many hats while heading up the design of Maxwell Health—brand and logo creator, web and mobile interface designer, video editor, photographer, clothing designer, illustrator… everything to drive Maxwell’s visual identity.

Julia enjoys long walks on the beach with her husband and the cutest “full-grown puppy” you’ll ever meet, who also comes into work everyday and takes his job very seriously as our Chief Happiness Officer. Julia excels at activities that send her spinning into the air, including springboard diving and trampoline, with a brief stint in trapeze.