Employee Benefits,

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Operating System for
Employee Benefits.

With Maxwell, it's not either/or. We've merged best-in-class benefits administration with a private marketplace that gives you maximum flexibility and a more full-scale, comprehensive solution for your agency.

Handles all benefits

Complex rate structures? No problem. We can handle any type of rates, including those based on age, region, gender, or smoking-differentials.

Carrier Connections

Our direct EDI connections to carriers means your clients'data gets to the right place, accurately, every time.

Flexible system

Rules-based system ensures that employees only enroll in benefits for which they're eligible at a distinct point in time.


Reinvented Shopping Experience

Why shouldn't shopping for benefits be like shopping on Amazon? We've totally revolutionized the way employees choose benefits, taking a lifestyle-based approach through a beautiful, engaging user experience. Timely decision support makes the process even more simple and intuitive.


Gateway to Health

Our vision is to transform health care in America. To do that, we've created a truly unique health engagement platform that makes it easy and fun for employees to get healthier. Our app connects with the most innovative and effective health products available and provides instant access to benefits help and telemedicine services. It's super simple to set up reward choices, including gift cards and nonprofits donations, so employees feel encouraged and rewarded for their efforts.

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Getting Maxwell is easy, fast, and totally modernizes the way you manage benefits. Join our movement to transform health care in America.

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