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Vinay Gidwaney
Co-Founder, Head of Maxwell Health

Vinay Gidwaney was the Chief Product Officer and Co-Founder at Maxwell Health before it was acquired by Sun Life Financial in June 2018.

Maxwell Health has redefined health care for businesses with a SaaS platform and service experience that dramatically simplifies employee benefits, reduces insurance costs, and improves employee health. Vinay serves on the board of Design for Change USA, a non-profit dedicated to helping young people learn 21st century skills while doing service projects in their community.

Prior to joining Maxwell, Vinay was the Chief Technology Officer and Co-Founder of Control-F1, starting the company shortly after high school. An industry leader in Support Automation, Control-F1 served more than 100 customers worldwide, 50 employees, and raised $13 million in venture capital. In December of 2005, Control-F1 was acquired by CA, one of the world’s largest software companies, exceeding $4 billion in sales.

Vinay was also Director and a founding investor of Neurosilicon, a life science company focused on advancing healthcare research through enabling rapid, non-invasive, targeted depolarization of excitable cells using the company’s novel photoconductive stimulation technology. In early 2008, Gidwaney was invited to be a visiting researcher in the Synthetic Neurobiology Group at MIT Media Lab. Under the leadership of Dr. Ed Boyden, Vinay is helping to invent novel devices to control neuronal circuits for the treatment of neurological disorders.

A 2002 winner of the prestigious MIT Technology Review Magazine Top 100 Innovators Under 35 award, Vinay lives in Cambridge and is the proud father of Leela and Niam.