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Ferit Albukrek
VP, Engineering

As our VP of Engineering, Ferit will lead planning, execution, architecture, processes, tooling, career development, and recruiting for our entire engineering team, including Software Development, Quality Assurance, and Operations.

Ferit is a 20-year veteran of the software industry, with experience in every facet of software engineering, from IT, to consulting, to product development. Ferit joins us from Brightcove where he was SVP of Engineering, focusing on scaling the company into the Boston tech scene powerhouse they are today. Ferit holds a BSE in Computer Science and Engineering from University of Pennsylvania.

As a newly-minted dad, Ferit loves chasing his toddler around at home. He dabbles in music as a singer, and loves classical and experimental music. He thinks if he weren’t so passionate about technology, he might have pursued a career as a chef because he loves to cook. Dogs are another passion of his – he has two labs at home, and spent time while at Harvard studying canine psychology and behavior.